How to pick a hostess agency?

August 13 2016 (updated September 18 2020)
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Hostess agencies specialise in optimal staff selection. The process of recruitment requires an in-depth knowledge of the event industry… and a lot of patience. When considering the services of a hostess agency, pay close attention to the way they select hostesses, their portfolio, offer of complementary services and the way they treat their staff.

Are you new to hiring hostesses? Do you not know how to pick the right agency, or maybe you’ve been burned before? There are 5 key aspects you should consider in order to find the agency best suited for your needs.

#1. Reviews and portfolio

Find out whether the agency:

  • is active when it comes to sharing their events on their social media,
  • displays their reviews on their website and Facebook page (disabled reviews are a red flag),
  • has documented collaborations with known brands in their portfolio,
  • has positive opinions from their staff (negative ones often include lack of legal contracts, little to no supervision or delayed payments).

#2. Staff selection

Check if the agency:

  • can draw a line between a hostess and a model, and selects staff based on more than just photos,
  • is capable of assessing the required number of staff members for your event and scheduling their work,
  • verifies the linguistic capabilities of hostesses deployed for translation and support jobs for events abroad,
  • offers possible solutions in case of emergency (sudden replacements, a workload increase, etc.).

#3. Work supervision

Verify whether the agency:

  • provides a supervisor (coordinator, project manager, etc.), with whom you’ll be able to stay in touch,
  • deploys supervisors, who manually manage the hired team on site,
  • will help with POSM logistics and arranging transport, room and board for the staff,
  • is aware of legal aspects of hiring staff (RODO, personal releases, unfair competition).

#4. Complementary services

Check if the agency:

  • lends out outfits (dresses for hostesses) and themed costumes,
  • can prepare branded clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats) and sashes for hostesses,
  • collaborates with professional make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, security workers,
  • is able to recommend contractors to make trade fair stalls or organisers for the entire event.

#5. Staff treatment

Investigate whether the agency:

  • employs legally (off-the-books workers means low work quality, frequent substitutions and absence),
  • deploys a supervisor to help the hostesses and brief them on the job,
  • clearly states the extent to which you are responsible for the safety of the staff (OSH, physical integrity),
  • showcases the opinions of their hostesses (from which you can learn about the legality of their employment, punctuality of payment, etc.).


The SALLY hostess and promotional staff agency has been active on the market since 2011. Having derived our name from the name of the first shōjo in Japanese animation, everyday we work with dozens of young girls and guys aged 18-26, and the number of workers at our disposal all over Poland exceeds 8000. We delegate staff to every large city in Poland and the most prominent European trade fairs. Find out how you can benefit from working with our agency by following this link: SALLY.

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