Promotional staff for marketing campaigns What is the role of a hostess in promotional campaigns? Is promotional staff an effective means to increasing sales? An experienced team of hostesses and promotional models will ensure your promotional campaign makes a splash.

When it comes to efficiency, no promotional technique can beat precise, tailored advertising. Field marketing in particular, conducted by “ground troops” like hostesses, promotional models, merchandisers and sales animators, works wonders for increasing sales and fortifying brand awareness. By distributing flyers and giving out samples or tasters of products, hostesses actively spread awareness of the product or service among potential clients; they form a personal connection between the client and the brand, influencing their buying decisions significantly. Their activity is particularly valuable around holidays, since their effect on raising sales and promoting the brand is especially noticeable during periods of increased commerce (weekends, first communion, first day of school, Christmas, Valentine’s Day).

Field marketing is one of the most basic domains of a hostess’s work, however, promotional initiatives with hostesses can entail managing entire themed events – in shopping centres, during citywide ambient actions and roadshows. Hostesses are also an excellent addition to launching events, like opening a retail store or releasing a new line of product. Thanks to their openness, they achieve striking results when collecting sales leads, running polls and petitions.

We craft organised promotional teams of hostesses and promotional models, well-trained and perfectly coordinated. We provide advice on assigning the optimal schedule and the appropriate number of promotional hostesses, selecting uniforms, distributing POS materials, choosing the best venues for promotion. Click the link below to order the best team of hostesses for your promotional needs and purposes.

The role of hostesses and promotional models during promotional campaigns:

  • leafleting
    • (distributing printed promotional materials like flyers, vouchers, catalogues),
  • sampling
    • (distributing samples, excluding pre-opened food products and drinks),
  • tasting
    • (serving samples of food products and drinks, which requires their previous preparation),
  • animating
    • (handling promotional attractions or showcasing products),
  • operating reward booths in shopping centres
    • (verifying documents, providing information on the promotional action, handing out rewards),
  • assistance in assembling and disassembling of stands
    • (also realised by a technical crew),
  • assistance during launching events
    • (unveiling products, premiere opening, cutting ribbons),
  • providing temporary care for children
    • (animating attractions and contests, face painting, posing in a mascot costume, keeping order),
  • organising parties and announcing their particular stages
    • (also realised by announcers),
  • running polls and petitions,
  • gathering sales leads,
  • pumping and handing out balloons.