Meet SALLY We invest exclusively in the highest quality of staff performance. We will advise you on any matter regarding the work of hospitality hostesses, sales promoters and brand ambassadors.


SALLY came to life in 2011, inspired and shaped by our observations of the demand for hostesses and promotional models from when we used to work CX and HR departments of large companies. Over many years we learned the strategies they employ to select the perfect staff for temporary event management and promotional activity; how this line of work is perceived by pupils and students, who make up the majority of promotional staff in Poland; and, last but not least – how important in HR processes is timing and strong awareness of present economic and demographic landscape.

Our unique approach to employing, training and managing staff formed over years of analysing, experimenting and occasionally negating established rules of recruitment for hostesses, promotional models and ambassadors. Thanks to that experience, we are currently able to guarantee top-of-the-line promotional staff, fully capable of operating in anything from small-scale, local events to complex, long-term promotional strategies, in which a lasting relationship between promotional model and brand is of key importance.


Our specialty is large-scale, long-term operations, such as mass events, international trade fairs or nationwide sampling and tasting events, for which we provide the support of supervisors, stylists, photographers, transport and security. Our hostesses are sought after both in Poland and abroad. We collaborate with agencies in Great Britain and Hungary, design ambassador programmes both online and offline and share advice on the process of creating promotional campaigns and strategies – particularly those involving hostesses and promoters, of course! Our local reach extends to every city and town in Poland, while in the largest academic centres, such as Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan or Lodz, assembling the entire event staff is often a matter of a few hours.

Our staffing agency is up to the task, no matter whether you require 2 hostesses for the reception desk, 300 promotional models for a nationwide sampling event or 10 brand ambassadors working tirelessly to spread influence on social media. We invest exclusively in the highest quality of staff performance.


From its conception, our agency deeply values social aspects of working with people, particularly those new to the job market. That’s why our CSR includes:

  • legal contracting, based on a simple, transparent online contract form, in the spirit of the “Work legally!” campaign realised by the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP);
  • aid for Viva! – an international movement for animal rights, of which we are long-time sponsors – there’s even an option to donate while signing a contract with SALLY;
  • actions against hurtful stereotypes and for respectable treatment of hostesses; including a project of an event industry code of ethics, created under the patronage of the Social Dialogue Committee and the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Advocating proper understanding of the nature of a hostess’s work among clients in the event industry became our personal quest – and the effect this had on our workers is impossible to miss! Hundreds of clients, who choose to entrust us with staff selection, find their events managed by enthusiastic, motivated and engaged people – that’s how our team can be recognised 🙂