Gathering sales leads and polling data

Here at SALLY we are no strangers to modern technologies. When it comes to paperwork, we like to be minimalistic and effective (check the opinions on our online contract forms). We invest a lot in digitalising our data and relationship management systems. Our experience with boots-on-the-ground data collecting is put into practice whenever we manage a promotion or an event.

We will help you lighten the load of paperwork by managing the data gathered on events for which we provide staff. Our cutting-edge system for accumulating data will enable you to swiftly collect, process and share data from polls, registration or reservations. Say goodbye to heaps of paper, errors, illegible handwriting or the torture of meticulously filling Excel forms.

Our data collecting questionnaires work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs as long as they have internet access. We enable exporting the collected data to many file formats, such as .csv, .xls, .xml, .pdf. We integrated the cloud saving function of Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and MS OneNote. We allow for sharing via SMS, e-mail, Evernote or Slack. All data gathered is being encrypted at every step – at the input stage, while being transferred and when they have been saved (transfer with HTTPS/TLS, saving with AWS). Backup copies are created at least on a daily basis.

We provide electronic data gathering exclusively as a complementary service for the clients who choose to hire our staff.

The many benefits of upgrading from paper to our electronic data gathering system:

  • the data is always legible and doesn’t require rewriting;
  • the data is being collected in real time and can be used right away;
  • the data is safe – it goes straight into a server programmed to make backups regularly;
  • the data can’t be stolen from the promotional venue;
  • the data doesn’t require any additional method of storage or transport;
  • the respondent’s personal data can’t be glimpsed by unauthorised persons;
  • the respondent can personally input the data, thus taking responsibility for its validity;
  • the respondent can get an automatic reminder to fill the questionnaire;
  • the data can be exported to many file formats (.xls, .xml, .pdf, etc.);
  • the data can be integrated with popular servers (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc.).

Applications of electronic data gathering:

  • collecting sales leads on trade fairs and conferences;
  • registering guests and verifying the guest list on conferences and banquets;
  • surveying opinions with evaluation questionnaires, client satisfaction surveys, etc.;
  • keeping record of receipt promotion participants in shopping centres;
  • making lists for test drives and lending equipment at sporting events.