Promotional models for music and sporting events What is the role of a hostess on a music festival? Which hostesses work on sporting events? Learn the advantages of hiring hostesses to manage concerts, picnics and other mass events.

For any large-scale entertainment event – like a music festival, an air show, a family picnic or a sporting event – to be complete, you need active, enthusiastic hostesses. They are most frequently responsible for sampling, which means distributing gadgets or product samples, while often at the same time polling opinions and chasing sales leads. Hostesses can perform sampling as their only task or as a part of the procedure for managing the sponsors’ zone, where they can be put in charge of welcoming and registering guests, encouraging the use of attractions, keeping order or animating activities for children.

Hostesses at sporting events are presented with an additional set of challenges. Apart from all the usual “reception desk” activity, which means welcoming guests, distributing welcome packs or giving directions, the hostesses are more than capable of acting as organisational help, e.g. with registration and monitoring the schedule of particular activities, cheering the contestants or managing the food stands.

Hostesses at sporting events have to be representative as well – they pose for photos and add to the aesthetic of the sport team, a particular contestant or the whole venue. For some disciplines, dedicated hostesses are an inseparable from the spectacle – see “grid girls”, “paddock girls” or “podium girls” for races and “ring girls” for combat sports.

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The role of hostesses at mass events:

  • meet & greet
    • (welcoming the guests),
  • leafleting
    • (distributing printed promotional materials like flyers, vouchers, invitations),
  • sampling
    • (distributing branded gadgets and product samples),
  • animating
    • (handling competitions and other promotional attractions),
  • gathering survey data and sales leads,
  • translating
    • (helping in communication with the guests),
  • distributing IDs and welcome packs,
  • operating registration IT systems,
  • posing for photos.