Promotional staff as brand ambassadors Brand ambassador program can be a real game-changer of your marketing! Brand ambassadors will help you achieve recruitment or sales goals in an extremely modern and economical way.

Brand ambassador programmes make for an excellent investment in the face of modern challenges, such as outside employer branding and the increasing digitalisation of traditional forms of sales and marketing. If your company has been on the market for a while, there’s a good chance you already have some brand ambassadors out there – like satisfied customers who recommend your product to others, or employees who praise your company’s standards to their friends. This way of advertising is unplanned and spontaneous – it can, however, be controlled and directed by recruiting, training and coordinating brand ambassadors in an organised brand ambassador programme.

The genuine authenticity of brand ambassadors is their greatest asset. They recommend your brand, because they actually believe it to be worth recommending. As users and fans, they can share their authentic experience, creating a personal, human front for any promotional campaign. Better yet, they are more trustworthy to their audience since they are not public figures, like celebrities, influencers or opinion makers (studies conducted by PR agencies indicate that only about 5% of people consider influencers honest in their recommendations).

Brand ambassador programmes conducted at universities have proven to be particularly effective. Young, ambitious and entrepreneurial students represent your brand not only at the finest Polish universities, trade fairs and conferences, but also in social media, in which they are active and even better oriented than some marketing veterans 😉

We recruit brand ambassadors and create ambassador programmes all over Poland. We implement all the fresh trends in communicating with the potential employee or customer, all the while searching for new ways to improve and expand existing relations. Click the link below to ask about our case studies and discuss creating an ambassador programme best suited for your brand.

10 reasons to invest in brand ambassadors:

#1. They are cost-effective.
That’s one of the greatest advantages brand ambassadors have over traditional employees – they are significantly cheaper to maintain. Ambassador programmes can include monetary or product incentives, but the greatest motivation of a properly recruited ambassador stems from contact with the brand and possibility of personal development.

#2. They are authentic.
It’s easier to make people trust your recommendation of a product or a company if you speak from experience. Opinions of real people are far more in demand than advertisements and their personal experience feels genuine and trustworthy. Authenticity of your ambassadors makes for an honest recommendation of your brand.

#3. They are specialised.
Brand ambassadors are not necessarily just “casual users” – among their peers they can be authorities on particular subjects related to your product, or experts in narrow fields. This expertise allows for an even higher level of trust for their opinions. A good ambassador has knowledge that goes beyond the brand they represent.

#4. They give your brand a personal connection.
People like to deal with other people, not with a faceless institution. The ambassadors give the brand a human personality, making it more recognisable and increasing their popularity on the market, since they allow customers to connect with the brand on a personal level.

#5. They make your advertising subtle.
There’s no marketing tool quite as powerful as good, old-fashioned gossip. Ambassadors can create a word-of-mouth advertising system that’s natural and non-intrusive. They do not force anyone into buying decisions, they don’t go around shouting slogans.

#6. They provide direct feedback.
Not all clients and employees are willing to make their opinion known – that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. A brand ambassador can extract this data by asking direct questions, or starting online discussion, sometimes without the need to even mention your brand by name.

#7. They make you stand out in social media.
Ambassadors provide fresh, genuine content for your social media. Since most of them own thriving Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts, so they guarantee a flow of likes, shares and tags for posts, videos and live streams connected with your brand.

#8. They spread awareness of a new brand or product.
It can be tough or inefficient to use your permanent staff to introduce a new product, service or outlet on promotional actions, trade fairs or at universities. That’s where brand ambassadors become invaluable, effectively spreading the news about your innovation to their friends and followers; they can eves serve as promotional models, organising sampling events, testing and lending out your product.

#9. They increase your website’s popularity.
Recognisability in social media can be used to promote other Internet endeavours. By using affiliate links and promotional codes, brand ambassadors can increase traffic on your website, lead more visitors to your Internet store, improve the sales of a specific product or generate interest in an ongoing recruitment.

#10. They protect your reputation and help mitigate PR crises.
Bad press? A PR misstep? Brand ambassadors will defend your brand name from being smeared in posts and opinions. They are not influenced by your competition or the media; neither are they your employees or paid influencers. Their statements can be viewed as independent and help ease the tensions.