Staff recruitment - organisational advice We pride ourselves in our expertise in recruitment and coordination of event staff. Learn how we can advise you in making your endeavour as successful as possible.

Our methods of employing, training and coordinating human resources in the event industry have been shaped over years of analysing, experimenting and occasionally negating established rules of recruitment for hostesses, promotional models and ambassadors. Most of them were born in generation Z, they don’t remember the times before the Internet and cell phones, their relationships are heavily influenced by social media. That’s why the ability to understand their work attitude, expectations and ambitions is among our most precious assets. It allows us to offer the best promotional staff available, reliable both when it comes to small events and in complex, long-term promotional projects, in which a lasting relationship between the promotional model and the brand is crucial.

We’re genuinely proud of our knowledge and we’re more than happy to share it with our clients – this sometimes means radically changing a company’s approach to hiring hostesses (for example, we strongly discourage holding castings and selecting hostesses based on their photos, since it is an inefficient way of copying recruitment procedures for models). However, our advisory capabilities are first and foremost in optimising the schedules of staff members, predicting the effectiveness of POS materials and sampling, planning the venue and logistics, regulating the exploitation of image and advising on branding and stylisation. All of these services are provided as a complementary addition to hiring our staff.

Our assistance in the process of recruitment:

  • assessing the availability of staff,
  • optimising the number of staff members,
  • verifying language skills,
  • designing brand ambassador programmes,
  • emergency recruitment (replacements or completing another supplier’s staff).


Our assistance with the efficiency:

  • creating and optimising marketing briefs,
  • verifying motivational procedures,
  • monitoring footfall and catchment metrics,
  • creating and optimising schedules,
  • estimating the efficiency of POSM and sampling.

Our assistance with the quality:

  • auditing the performance of another supplier’s staff,
  • stylistic recommendations (selecting uniforms and make-up),
  • safety protocols on higher-risk events,
  • legal regulations (your event vs. the GDPR, environment protection, laws against unfair competition).


Our assistance with the concept:

  • converting offline – online activities,
  • planning promotional venues,
  • logistics of roadshows and international trade fairs,
  • gathering polling data and sales leads,
  • regulating the exploitation of image.