Promotional staff for sales and customer service support Are promotional models effective in professional contact with a client? Learn how a promotional staff’s efforts can influence the operating of showrooms, offices and hotels.

Outsourcing promotional staff – whose job is to manage retail procedures and customer service – takes a load off your front and back office workers, freeing them up to pursue key business and company development goals. They can be hired either seasonally or permanently. That comes in quite handy, when using your company’s own accounting and recruitment resources for a project would not be cost-effective.

Promotional staff will take some strain off your employees through periods of increased commercial activity (rush hours, weekends, holidays). They can take care of any tasks that do not require special qualifications, all the while letting your specialised employees focus on the more productive and complex tasks, which require more specific experience or higher levels of clearance.

Promotional staff are invaluable for taking on the repetitive, mundane activities that would feel too uninspiring to your more seasoned workers, helping to prevent them from burning out. Avoiding a numbing routine is one of the best ways to ensure your employees stay productive and to keep employee churn down to the minimum. 

Outsourced promotional staff do not have to be placed exclusively in customer service positions, such as an office reception desk, the front of a showroom, a helpline or chat; they are equally competent at assisting warehouse and accounting workers. They’re perfectly suited to perform out try & hire procedures. Contact us to learn more about how promotional staff can assist your staff at your business.

Front-office assistance:

  • working the front desk in an office, a hotel or a showroom
    • (welcoming and providing basic information),
  • promoting products and services
    • (and relaying clients to an appropriate salesperson),
  • managing queues and giving directions,
  • collecting customer satisfaction data,
  • operating various forms of remote customer support
    • (helpline, livechat, social media chats).

Back-office assistance:

  • preparing and distributing correspondence,
  • handling letters and parcels,
  • partial and full inventory,
  • archiving documents,
  • visual merchandising.