Hospitality hostesses for fairs and conferences What is the role of a hostess on a trade fair? Why should you consider hiring a hostess for your conference? Learn how a hostess agency can assist you in managing business meetings.

On trade fairs, hostesses are typically assigned to a particular stand and exhibitor. Their main tasks revolve around welcoming visitors, briefing them on the company’s offer and arranging meetings with its representatives, collecting sales leads, providing coffee service (making and serving coffee, tea, snacks, etc.), translating and occasionally posing for photos.

A trade fair is often accompanied by conferences and that is one of the reasons why a hostess must be well-presented, well-dressed and know a foreign language. On a conference, hostesses’ duties entail welcoming and registering guests (“meet and greet”), distributing IDs and welcome packs, giving directions. Additionally, hostesses assist directly on the conference stage by passing microphones and presenting diplomas, awards or flowers. Assignments quite similar to those of the receptionists apply to hostesses on open days, whether organised by academic institutions or developers.

It is important for a business hostess to possess an impeccable presence, an appropriate uniform and knowledge of foreign languages and savoir-vivre.

We provide hostesses to manage trade fairs, conferences and open days all over Poland. We also delegate them to events abroad. Our staff is guaranteed to be aesthetically consistent, from their outfits, through make-up and hairstyles, to branding elements like sashes, pins, headwear, purses, etc. Click the link below to ask about hostesses best suited for your business.

The role of our hostesses at trade fairs and conferences:

  • meet & greet
    • (welcoming guests, “first impact”),
  • leafleting
    • (distributing printed promotional materials like flyers, vouchers, catalogues),
  • sampling
    • (distributing branded gadgets and product samples),
  • animating
    • (handling promotional attractions or product showcases),
  • cleaning
    • (vacuuming, collecting and washing the dishes),
  • coffee service
    • (preparing beverages and snacks),
  • collecting contact information (sales leads),
  • translating
    • (assisting communication with the guests),
  • assistance in assembling and disassembling the stand
    • (realised also by a technical crew),
  • operating registration IT systems,
  • distributing IDs and welcome packs,
  • assistance on the stage
    • (presenting awards, flowers, diplomas; passing microphones),
  • giving directions,
  • managing the dressing room.