Stylising your staff - uniforms, make-up, hairstyles We rent out hostess uniforms and themed outfits. We manufacture branded clothing. Our broad selection of outfits and stylisation services makes us prepared for any event.

An appropriate uniform of a hostess is as important for the marketing strategy as the design of a stand or the plan of a promotional campaign. The dress code of a business hostess dictates the use of modest and elegant uniforms, attention to details and restraint in accessories. The outfit should always be well-fitting and appropriate for the style of the event and weather conditions. Less formal occasions of promotional campaigns or mass events allow for a bit more freedom, uniforms can be replaced with smart casual style outfits or themed costumes. The dress code of promotional staff also includes attention to make-up, manicure, hairstyle and facial hair for men.

A single hostess can do well enough with outfits from her own closet. A team of hostesses, however, is most presentable when dressed in the same fashion. A professional hostess agency is able to provide appropriate apparel for all their staff, as well as professional stylists, who are up to date on current fashion trends.

We provide complete stylisation for our hostesses and promotional models, ensuring a consistent aesthetic when it comes to outfits and accessories, like sashes, neckerchiefs, headbands, hats, etc. We make high quality, branded t-shirts and sweatshirts right here in Poland. We collaborate with experienced make-up artists and hair stylists. All these services are reserved exclusively for clients who choose to hire our staff.

SALLY can provide several services to stylise your staff:

Brand apparel and accessories:

  • business classic and business casual dresses,
  • hoodies, baseball and crewneck sweatshirts,
  • sashes and neckerchiefs for hostesses,
  • hats, headbands, scarves,
  • t-shirts and polo shirts,
  • bags and backpacks,
  • ties and bowties.


  • business and evening make-up and hairstyles
    • (identical for all hostesses),
  • make-up and hairstyle for photo shoots,
  • services of a make-up artist and hair stylist during the event.

Themed costumes:

  • Christmas
    • (Santas, angels, elves),
  • Halloween
    • (witches, nuns, skeletons),
  • children’s stories
    • (Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Ladybug and Cat Noir, Elsa, Teletubbies),
  • superheroes
    • (Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Captain America),
  • time period
    • (Romans, gladiators, knights, princesses, cowboys and Indians, pirates, burlesque dancers, flappers, hippies).