Event staff for banquets and galas What is the role of hostesses at banquets? Find out how a hostess agency can bring life to any corporate event.

Elegant banquets and exquisite galas are planned with the intent to provide their attendees with an unforgettable experience. Its quality can depend quite significantly on the performance of the event staff. Hostesses at banquets and galas are tasked with the usual reception desk activities, that is welcoming and registering guests and giving directions. Hosts and hostesses manage the dressing room, serve champagne and snacks and hand out gifts when it’s time to wrap up the party. If the banquet is family-oriented, a hostess can temporarily look after the children.

Sometimes a banquet is accompanied by a less formal dance party. Since corporate parties have a tendency to get boring and slightly awkward, an enthusiastic hostess can jump in and stop guests from shying away from the dance floor. They can show the attendees basic dance moves, organise dancing contests or just dance – it’s way easier to join others on a dance floor than to lead the charge!

Hostesses on banquets should be elegantly dressed and well-mannered. If guests from abroad are expected, a knowledge of foreign languages will prove necessary.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a modest banquet or a spectacular anniversary gala, you can count on us to deliver the best hostesses, announcers, baristas and bartenders. Click the link below and ask about an offer best suited for you.

The role of event staff at banquets, galas and corporate events:

  • meet & greet
    • (welcoming the guests, “first impact”),
  • cleaning
    • (vacuuming, collecting and washing the dishes),
  • translating
    • (assisting communication with the guests),
  • operating registration IT systems,
  • distributing IDs and welcome packs,
  • assistance on the stage
    • (presenting awards, flowers; cutting ribbons),
  • giving directions,
  • posing for photos,
  • managing the dressing room,
  • animating the party, dancing with the guests,
  • coffee service
    • (preparing snacks and beverages, brewing coffee by baristas),
  • waiting tables,
  • bartending
    • (preparing and serving alcoholic beverages by bartenders).