Emergency recruitment - filling staff shortages

The possibility to quickly recruit additional workforce can be invaluable when you’re presented with an unexpected staff shortage. A seasoned advisor, cashier or helpline worker can effectively fill a gap in a team of employees, for example during holiday seasons or unusual situations on the job market (such as the CoVID-19 pandemic).

Patching up basic staff shortages allows you to move your more experienced employees to handle more complex tasks. An emergency recruitment can also be a great opportunity to pick out reliable staff for future permanent employment. In a try & hire model the trial period is handled entirely without engaging your resources – we do all the recruiting, contracting and accounting for new staff. Since you outsource the process to outside specialists, you don’t suffer substantial labour or organisational costs.

We can provide workers from commercial and services sectors, ready for any challenge, legally employed. We specialise in recruiting young, adult pupils and students, with Polish citizenship. Every person that will be assigned to your staff will have signed a legal contract with us. Our supervisors will go over the details with you on-site and establish continued communication. We will make it possible for you to employ the staff members you found the most valuable at your company. Contact us to discuss fixing your staff shortages.

We offer ad hoc recruitments which guarantee:

  • legally employed staff,
  • settlement of costs and payments,
  • coordination and control of working time,
  • relief for your personnel and accounting,
  • verification of OSH and medical reports,
  • substitutions and replacements of absentees,
  • no additional or hidden costs,
  • the possibility to employ a staff member once our business is completed (“try & hire”).