Staff coordination - training and supervising Working with promotional staff includes briefing and coordinating hostesses. Learn how our experienced supervisors can assist you during the event.

Here at SALLY we take great care to deliver well-organised promotional staff that doesn’t require constant coordination, which would waste both time and resources. There are situations, however, in which additional supervisors are necessary. This especially concerns large-scale events, such as nationwide promotional campaigns, international trade fairs or mass events.

A supervisor of hostesses and promotional models is an additional, experienced person, who will do their best to relieve you of any tasks regarding the management of promotional staff, saving you a lot of time and hassle. A supervisor creates work schedules, assigns tasks to hostesses and verifies their progress, supervises work safety, discreetly handles any emergencies.

Supervisors also scrutinise outfits and make-up of hostesses, organise transport, accommodation and boarding, distribute POS materials, create photographic documentation of the work of hostesses. An ideal supervisor doesn’t manage people so much as their abilities and emotions – that distinction is particularly important in the event industry.

We specialise in coordinating large-scale, demanding events. Our supervisors are battle-hardened veterans, capable of handling any situation – they might be demanding, but they always gain the sympathy of their subordinates. All of our supervisors undergo our specialised trainings and follow tried and tested directions. We provide coordination exclusively as a complementary service for the clients who choose to hire our staff.

Thanks to a supervisor’s assistance, you don’t need to:

  • verify that staff is present and on time,
  • assign to stands and declare breaks,
  • manage outfits, make-up and hairstyles,
  • organise necessary transport and accommodation,
  • answer dozens of repetitive questions.

Leave all the running around to our supervisor, and focus exclusively on the quintessential aspects of your event!