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Foreign languages in the work of a hostess.

Hostesses that fluently communicate in a foreign language are invaluable at international events. In most cases English is enough, but the level of competence necessary can vary from job to job. In order [...]

Hostesses are worth hiring!

A hostess is your front line of contact with your client or guest. An honest smile, proper appearance and openness for contact with people set a hostess far apart from an untrained worker sent [...]

How to pick a hostess agency?

Hostess agencies specialise in optimal staff selection. The process of recruitment requires an in-depth knowledge of the event industry… and a lot of patience. When considering the services of a hostess agency, pay close [...]

What does it mean to be a hostess?

A hostess supports marketing operations of companies by promoting their products or services in markets and shopping centres, operating stalls at trade fairs and conferences, taking care of the guests at banquets and [...]

What to look out for when hiring hostesses?

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A perfectly selected promotional staff is a complex combination of age, availability, and experience. Professional hostesses are efficient in their tasks, and their appearance and outfit are only a bonus value to their competence. To [...]