Hostesses are worth hiring!

July 30 2016 (updated September 9 2020)
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A hostess is your front line of contact with your client or guest. An honest smile, proper appearance and openness for contact with people set a hostess far apart from an untrained worker sent to do a job. Their work improves sales, raises the perceived importance of an event, and builds a positive brand image. 

Hostesses will let you improve sales and build brand awareness by actively getting clients in contact with the product or service, by means of leafleting, tasting, sampling, or animating. They work wonders on store openings, product launches, and in periods of increased commerce (weekends, First Communion, first day of school, Christmas and holiday season, Valentine’s Day, etc.) – by presenting the offer and encouraging to purchase, they attract more attention from the potential clients. They are also invaluable for collecting sales leads and conducting polls and petitions.

Hostesses provide informational, organisational, and waiting services on trade fairs, exhibitions, banquets, galas, conferences, or open days. They can register and direct the guests, loosen up the atmosphere, serve food and drinks, or clean up. Hostesses can also make an introductory presentation of the company’s offer, make conversation with foreign guests or assist others by translating. They will assist on stage, passing microphones and handing awards.

On sporting events, hostesses assist and represent a sports team or a contestant. They accompany the competitors to the starting line, announce new rounds, hand awards to the winners, pose for photos, and proudly present the sponsors. 

On banquets or music events, hostesses can take control of the dance floor. They show basic steps and choreographies, organise dance competitions and encourage people to join them on the dance floor – it’s easier to go dancing when somebody else has already started 😉

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